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Fall Classic 2019

Fall Classic 2019

This popular tournament will be held November 16-17, 2019 at the Bernalillo Soccer Complex. We usually have the following divisions, but it may vary based on team registrations: Men - Open, Intermediate, Recreational; Women - Recreational; Coed - Open, Intermediate, Recreational.  Please indicate your preferred division when registering. Tournament directors reserve the right to place teams in appropriate divisions depending on registrations. 

Tournament Schedule & Rules 2019


The tournament is sanctioned by the New Mexico State Soccer Association. Only USASA registered players are eligible to participate. All teams must be composed of players currently registered and in good standing with USASA and their state association. All players must hold a current and valid USASA player passcard. All players must be registered no later than November 10, 2019. Complete rosters, must be submitted to NMSSA by November 13th, 2019. A player may play in multiple divisions, however, we are unable to take that into account when scheduling games.


Fee Deadline (postmarked or completed online) Cost
Early Bird Discount Before October 6th $360
Standard Fee Oct 7th to Nov 3rd $400
Late Applications After Nov 3rd $415

Bonus: Team captains, have your team completely registered and paid by November 1st and receive a gift from NMSSA.
Warning: Waiting until the late registration period does not guarantee your team a spot in the tournament. We will accept your registration only if spots are still available. No promises.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

In the event the entire tournament is cancelled, the tournament's policy is to refund entry fees after all incurred costs are covered within 60 days of cancellation.

In the event a teams withdraws from the tournament, the following refunds will be issued based on written withdraw notice:

90 days prior to tournament start: 75% Refund

89-60 days prior to tournament start: 50% Refund

59-30 days prior to tournament start: 25% Refund

29 days days prior to tournament start: No refunds will be issued


The Fall Classic is an affiliated tournament that is sanctioned by the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) via the local state association, the New Mexico State Soccer Association (NMSSA). All tournament players must be registered in a league which is affiliated with the USASA, or a foreign federation recognized by FIFA. All players must be currently registered and in good standing with the USASA and their state association.
Foreign Teams: Please contact our office for details regarding international playing requirements.


The NMSSA Fall Classic typically offers Men’s Open, Intermediate, Recreational; Women’s Recreational; Coed Open, Intermediate and Recreational. In the event that too few teams register for any one of these divisions teams may be moved, or the division eliminated altogether. This is rare, but possible. The final divisions and team placements are made after registration closes prior to making the schedules.

A player may play in any two divisions, however, we are unable to take dual registration into account when scheduling games. Players may not play on multiple teams in the same division.


Acceptance to the Tournament is on the basis of FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED based upon payment received with tournament sign-up sheet and completed player roster until we have filled all Divisions.

Entries received after November 10, 2019, will be accepted only on a conditional basis – meaning, on the condition we really need a team to fill out the schedule!

While you can request to be placed in a particular division, final placement is at the discretion of the NMSSA Executive Committee.


The tournament will be played according to the June 2019 FIFA laws of the Game as modified. Tournament rules will be provided to all teams.


All players must hold a current and valid USASA player passcard. Passes will also be inspected to ensure they are current at the time of the tournament.


A maximum of 21 players is allowed on each roster. The rosters will be printed and approved by the tournament staff, only approved rosters are used in the tournament. Rosters will be given directly to the match officials assigned to each match by the tournament staff.

Complete rosters must be submitted to NMSSA by November 13, 2019. Please check with the office to verify the names on your roster before this date.

Age limit for NMSSA tournaments

Players under the age of 16 years are not allowed to play in any NMSSA tournament. Players 16 or 17 years are only allowed to play with a valid USASA passcard from their league (e.g. ASL, MVSL, etc.) and a signed waiver. The tournament passcards will only be issued to players 18 years or older.


Prior to the first game, each team captain must check-in at the location, day and time determined by the tournament director. Check-in procedures will be provided prior to the tournament.

For each player on the team roster the team captain or team representative must present a valid and current player passcard at check-in. Tournament Player Pass passcards can be picked up at check-in.


Team captains can register their teams quickly and easily online by clicking the appropriate Register button below, signing up, and entering their player roster. There is no cost to register the team. The team captain may choose to pay the entire registration fee or divide it amongst the players. Players on the roster will be sent an invitation via e-mail to register and pay their portion of the team fee online, if necessary. Any fees may also be paid at the NMSSA office in person with cash or a credit card.

Men's Registration

For online registration please click on link

Coed Registration

For online registration please click on link

Women's Registration

For online registration please click on link

Tournament Player Passes

For players not currently registered with NMSSA or another USASA affiliate we are offering player passes valid for the weekend of the tournament. This means that players not currently registered to play on a team during a league season can still participate in the tournament. A tournament pass costs $15 and can be acquired at the office. You will need to provide a picture (or have one taken there) and fill out the NMSSA Player Registration form. This registration includes accident insurance. The deadline for player passes is November 13th and passes will not be valid for the tournament until payment is received.

Tournament Pass card

Players not holding a current USASA player pass must register for a tournament pass in order to play in the Fall Classic 2019 Tournament